Current affairs, sports, entertainment, reality or drama: the postproduction of United arranges the desired postproduction for any type of content.

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Custom made audio and video postproduction

So many people, so many desires. One person only wants a light audio processing, the other requests a complete package with editing, audio and colour correction and added graphics. Postproduction has all the expertise to meet any demand. This applies for both television productions and commercials as for promotional (business) videos, multi-media projects and 4K Ultra HD.

For the best results we use an ultra-modern package of postproduction facilities and an extreme professional infrastructure. Our editors have many years of experience in numerous media productions. Our technical and creative guidance provides great added value; we like to work closely with the client to take any production to a higher level.

Custom made audio and video postproduction

Postproduction Facilities

On the Media park we offer a complete package of postproduction facilities, including various video editing suites, audio studios and colour correction suites. In the so-called Master Control Room, you can organize a live play-out and even downlink satellite signals. The Graphics department supports with the designing and the software development for various kinds of design, such as leaders, motion graphics and games.


Additionally, we also offer our services on location; We have set-up multiple editing sets with various clients in the past. To make our work even more accessible, we offer various cloud solutions, so our clients can work from any location in the world.


Postproduction Facilities


The Mediacenter is the beating heart of our postproduction department. The latest ICT innovations enable us to build extremely efficient, flexible and reliable workflows. We do this for every production, from building to distribution and archiving.

In the Mediacenter, all media that is provided to us is carefully processed. We rapidly perform quality checks, we digitize registrations that, for example, arrive file-based or via disc and we rearrange these again for browse, metadata and editing.


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