From daily TV-shows to the Football World cup and 4K Ultra HD registration of Muse, Coldplay, Beyoncé and The Rolling Stones: United has the right solution for any multi-camera production.


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Multi-camera Facilities

On site or in the studio, with mobile, fixed or remote production: we offer all necessities for a successful multi-camera production. With the latest techniques, equipment, software and workflows we support a wide scale of audio-visual productions. From webcasts and daily talk shows to big live events such as the Olympics, for every production we have a custom made multi-camera solution.

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We have the largest fleet of Outside Broadcast Vehicles (OBVs) and flight packs in the Netherlands and (together with Euro Media Group) in Europe. We have suitable vehicles for every job. From compact and agile vehicles for small productions with 3 cameras for example, to multifunctional OBVs up to 40 cameras can be connected for large events.

Multi-camera Facilities

Live graphics and Augmented Reality

For recordings and live broadcasts, our expert live graphics operators can operate graphic systems from any imaginable location. This can be applied to television, internet or to screens on location. We can implement provided graphics but also design these from scratch. We facilitate the graphics for Geheugentrainer, Koffietijd, NK Atletiek, Ziggo Sport, Een Vandaag, Glory World Series, Idols and Tijd Voor MAX, among others.

Right solution for any job

Because we have all the imaginable (live) broadcasting facilities in-house, we are extremely flexible. This has come to our advantage often, since every assignment is different. This is why we offer customized work for any job. With a practical, result-oriented attitude, we translate the demand of our client into the most efficient solution for each project. Obviously, with our focus on quality and cost efficiency .

You might have the best material in house but a good production is mainly the work of people. Our crew consists of highly educated, driven professionals. They roll up their sleeves on a daily basis to provide good work to the best of their ability. Our crew is known worldwide for its knowledge, experience and expertise. We are proud to work with passionate people that strive for the best result with each project.

Right solution for any job

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