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On the intersection of marketing, content and technology, United Content Services offers the largest assortment of services for video content. From creation to publication.

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Online Video Platforms

Video is everywhere. More than ever video is used for communication, information, inspiration and entertainment. Video is accessible via numerous devices and partly because of this the demand for high quality and accessible content is growing. Of course the objective is to publish there where the target group is present. And that is exactly where United Content Services assists.

In each stage of creation, distribution and publication process we take all factors into account. Based on the target market, audience, objectives and branding, we create a customized solution that fits the requirements of your organisation. We do this for the broadcasting industry, but also for various corporate organisations. Curious about our corporate solutions? Please click here.


Online Video Platforms

Content Processing

As a specialist in the field of management and processing solutions we can rapidly and flawlessly build, digitize, encode, archive and distribute video content. Our innovative and customized workflows are, for example, the base of various Video On Demand platforms to which most households in the Netherlands and Belgium are connected. Digital Services can process and deliver video content in any file format and in any desired variation. Because we automate as much processes as possible, we aim for the highest efficiency. 

Content Management & Archiving

Archiving of video content might sound simple, but for many organisations it is simply a practice of ‘storing the files somewhere’. For setting up a well-structured digital archive, United is the perfect partner. 

Content Management & Archiving

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