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1 June 2018

United comes with the largest OB truck in Europe

With a work area of ​​80m2 and room for 44 workstations, United is building Europe's largest mobile broadcast facility.

As a services company, United is constantly looking for innovative, technical and, above all, creative solutions for media and broadcast organizations. A good example of this is the current construction of the largest OB truck in Europe, which will become the new flagship of United from the start of 2019 under the name OB18.

OB18 is part of a larger plan that is part of the Euro Media Group-project Objective2020. This stands for the technological future of Outside Broadcast in which traditional broadcast technology is replaced by a faster, more flexible and cost-efficient IP infrastructure.

The new OB truck offers a functional work surface of 80m2, creating space for 44 workstations. With 3 production rooms, the OB18 offers the best possible interpretation for the creative process of our clients. Together with Projectbuilders, we think about the ultimate mix of sustainability, comfort and technology. Thanks to the complete IP infrastructure, the functionality in the car can be scaled up easily and quickly, making the car available for large-scale productions with an unlimited number of cameras. Think of registrations of (inter) national sports and music events in which United has already built an impressive track record.


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