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14 May 2019

Quadia full steam ahead

“Our goal is to be a marketplace for corporate video”

Quadia develops and supplies technology, produces content and advises corporate video brands. In this fast-growing market, the company became a United brand in November last year. Managing Director Nico Verspaget tells us what’s going on.

What kind of videos does Quadia make?

“In the corporate marketplace, it is all about branded content in various shapes, which implies brand communication for internal and external target groups. For example, promotion videos for a Chamber of Commerce event, or instruction videos for Danone marketing staff. And sometimes interactive videos, such as those for Water company Vitens: in the clarification of your water bill, the most frequently asked questions will pop up, so that you will get a quick answer to your own question. You needn’t watch the entire video.
Live content - more than half our productions - is made from our own studio or on location. Examples are: the introduction of the BMW 5 series, a live online tasting of a new beer by Hertog-Jan and the donor week kick-off.  We once scored 2,2 million viewers for donor week, which is about half the number of the most popular tv series at the moment (De Luizenmoeder/Lice moms).”

What is your online video platform for?

“Our customers, such as ABN AMRO, use our video platform to post and manage their video content. From this online ‘image base’ they can post videos on the internet themselves. For Funda, we have designed the platform in such a way that the video footage sent by real estate agents is automatically added to the correct houses on the site. Together with United, we are expanding the platform functionalities by integrating United’s tooling.”

How does United benefit the corporate market?

“The companies we work with are steadily turning into ‘broadcasters’, who are obliged to work extremely efficiently as well. They produce more and more video content and are up against problems that the broadcast world has known for years. After all, these enormous amounts of content have to be managed and secured and be made accessible at a certain stage. United knows all about this.”

What is in it for Quadia?

“Our ambition is to become a full-service party. By now, video has to deal with so many issues that this overwhelms smaller market parties. We need backup. For example to be able to invest in virtual and augmented reality. United already has the knowhow and technology and our first augmented reality projects are underway.”

Which joint project has already been completed?

“On behalf of video producer Bigshots, we realized an important project for ProRail. During a major news-generating press event, a self-propelled locomotive was launched.  ProRail wanted to have the first ride filmed live from the vehicle itself. Together with the customer, Bigshots came up with the concept. Quadia and United produced it and supplied the technology. No crew was present, only ProRail’s managing director and the Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management were on board. By means of multiple cameras on board, this remarkable ride could be recorded and streamed live to two locations.”

How did the customer like it?

“ProRail achieved its objective and was very positive in its assessment. In their evaluation, they indicated that our people were superbly flexible and knew exactly what they were talking about.”

Why do you keep your own accommodations?

“Even though we are part of United, we do have our own DNA. We serve a different kind of customer. Marketing and  communication professionals usually don’t approach United. Should they do so, however, they are referred to Merijn Visser, who is part of our sales routine and is able to find out what is needed. On our side, Amnon Bolle takes care of the deployment of all new technology incorporated into our production and processes, both in a practical and creatively conceptual sense. In this process, we advise both the brands and the partners we work with.”

Wat is your ambition for the years to come?

“Requests that are not at all related to tv or film, will be relayed to Quadia. This market share will steadily grow. We are aiming for the broadest product and service range. A number of new products and services, that we are jointly developing, are coming up soon. Our objective is to become a marketplace for companies and producers who would like to use video in the corporate world. Of course, we won’t be able to win the loyalty of all corporate customers, but I do believe we can provide the critical link between the creative industry, customer demand and implementation of the technology needed. And that we will be able to initiate market innovation.”

Facts & figures Quadia

  • Quadia was founded in 2004.
  • Our online video branch has been taken over by United.
  • The online video branch employs 19 staff members.
  • Quadia’s will continue to be located at the Arendstraat in Hilversum.
  • Awards won in 2018: Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Award, a silver Grand Prix Content Marketing and the Health Media Award.

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Facts & figures Quadia

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