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22 October 2019

Joris Boerhof United’s new Head of Operations

United has appointed Joris Boerhof (43) as Head of Operations. In this role he will be responsible for operational processes within the company. 

Before joining United, Boerhof was the co-owner and director of Yiro, an online (live) video platform producing the popular football channel FC Afkicken. Boerhof: ’24 years ago I began at Cinevideogroup, which was later taken over by United, working as an operational assistant, cameraman, head of the project office and project manager. Over the next ten years I held several management and executive positions, mostly with TV producers. During that time I was working frequently and pleasantly with United on big and complex projects.’ 

Back to His Roots
Joris started his new job in October. In the time to come he will be working mostly on the company’s operational processes. ‘I want to see how things are done, what’s going on and what could be changed to put the knowledge of the operation to use in developing a policy and vision for United as a whole. I am convinced that the unique strength of this company has always been the passion, commitment and loyalty of its staff. My challenge will be to continue to offer these people the best possible support in this ever-changing market and to help them do their best work – and most of all have fun doing it. That is what makes us different and that is why customers like working with United. My new role is a wonderful opportunity for me to go back to my roots."

Internal Processes
René Delwel, United’s general director: “We are very happy that Joris has come to reinforce United. He has worked both at and with United, in different roles. He definitely has the qualities and experience to review the company’s operations in-depth and hone our internal processes. But most of all I think that Joris can help us enhance cooperation, to the benefit of our staff and that of our customers.”

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