Connected Camera

In the current information age rapid news has become essential. In addition, rapid publication to multiple channels (TV and Internet) is a must. With the Connected Camera solution of United, it is possible to quickly provide various channels of highly topical and newsworthy content.

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Workflow Applications
The different workflow applications allow us to choose the application that is best for the situation. Workflow applications can be divided into post-pro and live. All applications use 4G, Wi-Fi or cable internet access. This means that it is possible to realise a very fast workflow at comparatively low cost.

The comprehensive integration with a variety of editing platforms ensures that content workflow is made available for immediate processing within the editing environment. Thus, editing can start while on-site recording continues.  This means a considerable time gain. The content for editing arrives on the servers within one minute after the start of registration. Editing can begin while the camera crew is still working. Edited items can be ready for broadcast while the crew is still packing up. In this way, the same content can be used simultaneously to create items for different channels (TV, on-line, etcetera).

The connected camera can be used also for live WMT streaming, if required. The signal is received in a central location and is then relayed for live applications or used for semi-live or other applications.


1. Post-pro.
Also edit-while-shooting (available one minute after start registration): A shot of the QR code on the call sheet or script ensures that the content to be registered is processed by the automated workflow. The material is relayed automatically and immediately through the different mobile networks, Wi-Fi or cable internet access. This content is then automatically available in the editing environment.

2. Automatic relinking of high-res material
Based on an EDL created in editing only the relevant high-res material is retrieved to substitute the low-res version. On average this process takes twice the length of the item created in editing.

3. Live
In live modus the United Connected Camera can be used for live applications.

4. Immediate on-line publication
Last minute or newsworthy items can be streamed live immediately.

5. Cooperation
All incoming content is immediately available in the central editing environment giving connected platforms or editors immediate access to content.

6. File transfer
The Connected Camera unit can be used as a stand-alone to transfer the entire content in both high-res and low-res using the networks referred to earlier, for instance by linking external devices.  

7. Prioritisation
The use of the different data connection can be prioritised.

8. H.265
For live functionality the Connected Camera unit codes the video in H265/HEVC codec, realising a higher quality of video while lowering data usage. 

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