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4K Ultra HD Channel: Insight

A wild plan to start an Ultra HD channel, became reality in autumn 2015. At that moment, Tern International launched the channel ‘Insight’ during the Mipcom in Cannes. United has been closely involved from the start.

Because of our wide experience in 4K concert registrations of stars like Muse, U2 and Coldplay, Tern International came knocking on United’s door. A big challenge, because Ultra HD (UHD) for television programs is still at an early stage.

4K Ultra HD Channel: Insight

The timing was remarkable. When United started working on this project, there was not one single agreement in the broadcasting industry on standards regarding Ultra HD. So what do you do as professional broadcast company? Do you say: “You are too early?” Or do you dare to believe that together you can set the industry standard, on which you can build and set-up workflows?

United went for the latter, even though Ultra HD carries a lot of technical limitations. “If you are used to make television in HD, you will find that many obvious things no longer work all of a sudden when you transfer to Ultra HD”, tells Marco Jagtman, account manager at United. “For example, when you want to look at an interim version of a HD program, it is almost immediately available,”

“Ultra HD files on the other hand are so big that you, so to speak, require a day to copy the footage to an environment where you can watch it. Plus, there are hardly any professional Ultra HD view monitors, although this is needed to correctly assess the material. But we are very careful with our investments: technique can become outdated quickly.”                                                    

Close UHD video production cooperation

In brief, United is the exclusive partner for Tern International in the field of conforming the Ultra HD master. In other words: United is technically responsible for the final file of each program that is broadcasted on Insight. Because there is no global industry standard yet, United plays a large advising role in the work methods of Ultra HD registration and editing.

“Tern’s production partners have the opportunity to buy this from us, but they are also free to cooperate with other parties. However, it is very important that everyone works in accordance with the guidelines we draw up. Only then Tern can be sure that the material aligns with the phase where we finalize the files,” Marco tells.

“Together with Term we are continuously looking for ways to support them. We do this, for example, by constantly looking for possibilities to set up the processes more efficiently. Faster, easier, but also cheaper. We want to be a long-term and valued partner and take full care of these activities for Tern. So they can focus on their core activity: to build op the broadcast channel, to enlarge the sales market and to focus on the content of their programs. Therefore, our service provision is continuously, 24/7.”

Fantastic view experience with 4K and HDR

Thanks to all efforts of the parties involved, Insight now stands for innovative television: Ultra HD image quality, 4K resolution, double framerate and as soon as it is possible, also HDR. Therefore, Insight had a high marketing value for Tern International. After all cable companies are more likely to distinguish themselves with an Ultra HD channel in their package, than with yet another HD channel.

It all has to do with the viewer experience for the consumer, even if he/she hasn’t got an Ultra HD television at home yet. Tern International can now make a name for itself with television programs where the viewer has the inclination to sit closer to the screen, instead of further away. That was the case with HD. But Ultra HD creates an opposite effect: Wow! What do I see here? I want to see it from close by!

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Globally, United is an authority in the field of 4K Ultra HD registration. For more information, please contact Marco Jagtman. You can reach him via

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