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28 January 2016

Paul van den Heuvel: Innovation Day 2016

Always seeing possibilities, and always innovating: To United it comes naturally. At Innovation Day on 14 January 2016 we shared the most relevant developments with our customers and relations. Project leader Paul van de Heuvel tells us more.

Why did United organise Innovation Day?
‘We are often referred to as the people who get the job done but don’t blow our own horns. But our work is innovative, and we thought it time to let people know; it had been a few years since the last two Innovation Days. But we also think it’s important to touch base with our customers, and we want to offer the best solution to every situation or question. Possibilities are endless, but the question is which technique to choose when, for every production calls for its own approach.’

Which role did you play?
‘I was part of the Innovation Lab within United. Once every while we discuss the potential of certain innovations. At some point, we came up with the idea to have another Innovation Day, and we needed a project leader. That turned out to be me. Quite a challenge, for even though it was about technique in terms of contents, there were a lot of marketing issues. We were lucky to have a great team made up of people who had experience with organising events. Without this team, we would never have made it.’

How did you make the selection that was shown on 14 January?
‘We came up with the motto 'Create, Manage, Deliver', for those are United’s guiding principles. We then chose four streams: Ultra HD, Technical Innovations, Broadcast Software and Anywhere-solutions. Although there’s much more we do, we decided just to show the best and most relevant things.  For instance, we chose not to show a drone. We have one but we didn’t think it innovative enough.  Augmented Reality, not very new either, we did show, because it is such a hot item currently.’

How do you look back on it?
‘It was a fantastic day where we got a chance to really show that we are the number one innovative partner who really listens to what the customer wants. Visitors could ‘touch and smell’ the products and talk to the specialists. Everything we had out, was working. That makes it all very concrete; we’re talking about products that you can order from us right now or within the next six months. Of course there are points for improvement but the overall response was very positive.’

On to the next Innovation Day?
‘We haven’t set a fixed date yet, but we all agree that it would be good to do this regularly. Chances are that the next Innovation Day will be held within the next 18 months or two years. But during the year we will be giving expert’s sessions in which we will look at a variety of subjects in detail.’

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