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United is a service provider serving national and international customers in the TV and media production industry. With the latest generation of facilities, committed and service-minded professionals, we make content creation easier. We combine our years of experience with dedication, flexibility and creativity.

United has the entrepreneurial vision of a start-up, and strives for perfection and the professionalism of a major player with an impressive track record. Our staff is passionate about developing high-quality tailor-made solutions to help you create, manage and operate your video content worldwide.


As a member of EMG we join forces with sister companies, exchanging knowledge and experience, operating flexibly and effectively at an (inter)national level. Moreover, our clients have access to a very broad range of facilities, services and solutions.  

The members of EMG are based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Nationally, these companies are autonomous, each with its own identity. Internationally, their synergy allows the various members of the group to benefit from their combined forces in terms of personnel, technology and finances. For more information about the Euro Media Group, please see www.emglive.com.

Partners & Sister Companies

Scaling up has a clear objective – United’s partners in the Netherlands and abroad are indispensable to its full-service strategy. They are the solid elements that together form a growing, competitive European company: EMG. The interrelationship between people and resources increases our coverage and allows us to fulfill your demands even better. Efficiently and flexibly. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

United is a sustainable and socially responsible company that has heart for its people. To us, decent working conditions and employee satisfaction are priorities. Thanks to our ISO14001 certification we work as ‘green’ as possible.

Community Involvement

United tries to compensate for the polarization in society. We do this by supporting organisations committed to reaching out to children who need a helping hand, such as Stichting Opkikker, Bas van de Goor Foundation, Make a WishWarchild and Emma Kinderziekenhuis.

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