We are a full service organization in the field of broadcast facilities. We offer innovative technical and creative solutions for media and broadcast organizations

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United is a service provider serving national and international customers in the TV and media production industry. With the latest generation of facilities and committed and service-minded professionals, we make content creation easier. We combine our years of experience with dedication, flexibility and creativity. United is part of the Euro Media Group.

Thanks to our combined experience, passion for the profession and flexible employability, we have grown into a well known partner for broadcasters, producers and the business community. With our full-service services we are able to come up with a suitable customized solution for every client.

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From RTL Late Night and Tijd voor MAX to the Football World cup and 4K Ultra HD registration of Muse, Coldplay, Beyoncé and The Rolling Stones: United has the right solution for any multi-camera production.

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Walter van Dorst
  • Walter van Dorst
  • sales@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733100

Making connections and bridging distances: we can do this from any imaginable location. There are various possibilities and we like to think with you to come to the best solution.

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Tom Eshuis
  • Tom Eshuis
  • sng@united4all.nl
  • Booking office 24/7: +31 357733140

With a colorful blend of motion design artists, programmers &  graphic operators we offer you the complete package to convey your message in a creative and distinctive way on every possible medium.

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Jeffrey ter Stege
  • Jeffrey ter Stege
  • sales@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733100

Current affairs, sports, entertainment, reality or drama: the postproduction of United arranges the desired postproduction for any type of content.

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Guido  van de Walle
  • Guido van de Walle
  • sales@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733100
Merijn Visser
  • Merijn Visser
  • sales@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733100

On the intersection of marketing, content and technology, United Content Services offers the largest assortment of services for video content. From creation to publication.

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Kevin  van Geest
  • Kevin van Geest
  • kevin.vangeest@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733178
Joop  Donker
  • Joop Donker
  • sales@united4all.nl
  • +31 357733100

From all large facility companies in Europe, United is the first with its own camjo-department: Cam-Joe. And the demand for this kind of service is enormous!

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David  van Leijenhorst
  • David van Leijenhorst
  • info@cam-joe.nl
  • +31 357733100
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